> The VW Fun Cup will continue to evolve
improving its user-friendliness.

VW Fun Cup 3 rd Gen.

Comes a long way since the creation of the VW Fun Cup in the mid ‘90s. From its 1.800 cm³ VW Golf engine delivering 130 horse power to the last 1.983 cm³ VW engine carrying 172 horse power, the VW Fun Cup never missed the train of modernity. And this will continue! In 2012, the so-called “3 rd Gen.” hit the tracks for all to enjoy. Last generation engine, sequential gearbox, power steering, aluminum rims, modern safety standards, … Here are some of the reasons to explain an ever-increasing success. Maneuverable, light, reliable, easy to drive, sporty and most of all FUN, the very beginning trademark is still followed precisely.