Amongst the foremost teams in the international motorsport, WRT has decided in 2014 to create the WRT Karting Academy to help the young but talented Belgian karting drivers.


The concept, which currently applies to drivers between the ages of 13 and 18 who compete in major international karting competitions, offers to each academic some financial prize-money according to the sportive results but also various forms of support (media, communication, press releases, invitation to major motorsport events, meeting with professional drivers, etc.)

“ Karting is the basis of the motorsport pyramid. " The man speaking in these terms is the WRT Team principal: Vincent Vosse. "Karting is therefore an incredible pool of young talent!"

This is exactly how the idea of the WRT Kart Academy came. "We, as a company, are convinced that karting deserves more media attention. We are also convinced that there are a lot of young talented karting drivers in Belgium. That's why we have decided to help young Belgians who compete in the international competitions of the CIK-FIA. We do not pretend to fund their races entirely, but we want to offer them at least a little help. "


“Concretely, young academics receive some financial rewards, partially depending on their results, but they also benefit from all the expertise WRT has within it’s organisation. We support them in their communication, help them through our contacts, and we organize various events in some of our races ...! "


Key partner of this project: The RACB (Royal Automobile Club of Belgium). The Belgian federation has indeed decided to support the WRT Kart Academy. Each member of the Academy receive a reduction on its international license.

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